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Episode 2: ‘How to Fold a Taco’

On this adventure, learn the magical art of folding a taco from magicians, wrestlers, and even a dinosaur! Anyone can learn how to fold and eat this yummy treat. Written by Naibe Reynoso, illustrated by Ana Varela, and published by Con Todo Press...

‘Story Submarine’ Trailer

Hop aboard the story submarine! Each episode will take you on an immersive storytelling adventure!

¡Hola, exploradores! Únase a nosotros en Story Submarine, un nuevo podcast donde los libros para niños se transforman en aventuras de audio.

Meet the fall 2020 ‘Story Submarine’ podcasters

Get ready to climb aboard the Story Submarine because this podcast is ready to get back into the swim of things! Before we start the engine, let’s meet the brains and hands behind the scenes. First on the crew, we have Sabrina LeBoeuf, a senior...