Episode 3: ‘Tata’s Earrings’ by Desiree Calderon de Fawaz

On this journey, follow Tata as she explains the magical origin of her earrings to her granddaughter, Maya. Written and illustrated by Desirèe Calderón de Fawaz and published by Amaranto Press. Supplemental material, such as coloring pages and word searches, can be found at thedragaudio.com. Sound effects for this episode can be found at Artlist.io, Zapsplat.com, and freesfx.co.uk/.

Los Aretes de Tata por Desiree Calderon de Fawaz En este viaje, acompaña a Tata mientras ella le explica sobre los orígenes mágicos de sus aretes a su nieta Maya. Escrito e ilustrado por Desirèe Calderón de Fawaz y publicado por Amaranto Press.

Supplementary materials:

Show notes

Desirée Calderón de Fawaz is an award-winning author, illustrator, and poet originally from Mexico City. Though she was always interested in the arts, Calderón de Fawaz attended the University of Texas and graduated with degrees in microbiology and French. The idea for Tata’s Earrings followed a visit with her mother-in-law, whose intricate earrings served as inspiration for the earrings in the book. In 2015, she started working on Tata’s Earrings and used some of her proceeds to help with the Syrian refugee crisis. Calderón de Fawaz lives in Houston with her husband and three children. You can find out more about Desirée Calderón de Fawaz on her website, as well as her Instagram and Twitter.

Show notes: Sound effects for this episode can be found at Artlist.iO, Zapsplat.com, and freesfx.co.uk/. Narrated by: Miles Crenwelge, Gwenny Govea, Zoe Judilla, Drew Van Chau Narrated by [Spanish]: Clarissa Rodríguez Abrego, Maya Fawaz, Eduardo Govea, y Sabrina LeBoeuf Associate Producers: Brandon Chan, Miles Crenwelge, Alyssa Crosby, Gwenny Govea, Zoe Judilla, Drew Van Chau Studio sound engineer: Alyssa Crosby Executive Producers: Katey Psencik Outka, Robert Quigley Technical Director: Christian McDonald Cover Art: Madi Thomason Social Media Director: Sabrina Lebouef