Story Submarine

Hop aboard the story submarine! Each episode will take you on an immersive storytelling adventure!

Episode 1: Dream Big by Kat Kronenberg

On this adventure, we will journey to the African savanna and meet moody Baboon as he uncovers the – SHHH – secret that helped his animal friends pursue their dreams. Written by Kat Kronenberg and illustrated by Stephanie Dehennin.

Supplemental material

Please enjoy these coloring pages and other activities while you enjoy the podcast.

Show notes

Kat Kronenberg is an award-winning children’s book author. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Kronenberg was inspired to write a book while at a symphony with her husband over ten years ago. Drawing inspiration from her own life and experiences, Kronenberg wrote her first book, Dream Big and published it in 2017. The Live Big trilogy is a testament to her own mantra. Kronenberg enjoys going to different venues, whether it be schools or orphanages, to share her series with others. Through her books, she teaches kids to believe in themselves, become the heroes of their own stories, and, of course, dream big! Find out more about Kat Kronenberg and her mission at

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