Who we are

Our Story

We love podcasts. Our morning coffee is accompanied by Michael Barbaro’s “hmms.” Sarah Koenig is our favorite celebrity.

It takes a huge amount of time, effort and expertise to build long-form podcasts, but highly produced, investigative audio stories don’t have to come from a major studio in New York or L.A.

Something amazing and unique is happening on the University of Texas campus. Students and recent alums are reinventing what it means to create the most popular podcasts. The next big audio story won’t be coming from a national podcasting powerhouse. It will come from The Drag.

We’re an audio production house built by students and recent Moody College alums. We love audio storytelling, and we especially love long-form journalistic podcasts that guide listeners through a complex story. And we want to help the media world figure this out, so we partner with media organizations to help them tell fascinating stories. The next generation of podcasters will come from the Moody College. Where did we get our name? Guadalupe Street, famously called The Drag, runs alongside our home on campus.


Our Team

We aren’t a typical team of audio storytellers. We’re professors, students and people who just walked the graduation stage. Some of us didn’t know how to hold a shotgun mic when we started, while others edited audio in their closets all night. All of us love a good story and are passionate about podcasts.

Robert Quigley

Executive Producer

Robert Quigley loves storytelling in all its forms. He started The Drag in the spring of 2019 because he especially loves podcasts. He’s also a journalism professor at UT.

Haley Butler

Senior Producer for The Drag
Director and Host of The Orange Tree

Haley is an avid consumer of public radio and animated movies. If you ever need to find her, she is most likely staring out of her window waiting for birds to come to her patio feeder. 

Tinu Thomas

Director and Host of The Orange Tree

Tinu is a recent UT grad whose love for audio is trumped by only a few other passions, which are the following: coffee, the crackling sound before the start of an old movie & dogs with human names.


Sabrina LeBoeuf

Content Director for The Drag
Associate Producer for The Orange Tree

Sabrina LeBouef is a journalism and RTF senior at UT Austin who directs content for The Drag. In her spare time, she watches movies, dances and plays music. Her favorite podcasts are Dr. Death and Blackout. 

Sara Schleede

Director & Host of American Bloodline

Sara first decided to give journalism a try after watching Gilmore Girls in middle school. Now she is a journalism student at UT Austin, making podcasts, eating everything bagels and embroidering. 


Christian McDonald

Technical Director

Christian McDonald teaches data and coding courses in UT’s School of Journalism. He joined full-time in 2018 after 28 years working for publications in Austin, Atlanta, Phoenix and Longview, Texas.


Madi Thomason

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Madi is senior studying Journalism and Political Communication at the University of Texas. Check out her work at madithomason.com

Kelsey Whipple

Podcast Advisor

Kelsey Whipple is a doctoral candidate at UT’s School of Journalism, where she studies identity and public discourse and teaches Audio Storytelling, a class in which students create podcasts and radio segments.

Cesar Perez

Director and Host of Crooked Power

Cesar comes from Ecuador and goes way back with storytelling; he comes from a family of journalists. He’s an avid coffee drinker who loves soccer, music and a good conversation.

Anysa Hernandez

Director and Host of Crooked Power

Anysa is a Communication Studies major and journalism minor in love with astrology, politics, and art!

Mikayla Mondragon


Mikayla Mondragon is a rising junior Journalism major at UT Austin and is pursuing a double certificate in Creative Writing and Elements of Computing. In her free time, she loves doing colorguard with the Longhorn Band, reading and sewing.

Kadija Baldé


Kadija is a junior studying Journalism, French and IRG at UT Austin. When she’s not learning a new language or being a social advocate, she loves traveling, cooking, watching films and spending time with family and friends.

Maya Fawaz


Maya Fawaz is a senior at the University of Texas studying Journalism with a minor in French. She loves impulsively redecorating and cooking without following a recipe. 

Doing this for a grade

Moody College students get a chance to produce professional-quality podcasts as part of a capstone class at the School of Journalism. Working on teams with our paid staff members, the students are getting an experiential learning lesson of a lifetime. Each semester, a fresh group of students will help shape our stories and get credit for their work when our podcasts hit the top charts.