The Drag is made up of hardworking student podcasters who spend their free time between classes contacting sources, conducting interviews, creating marketing strategies, recording audio, writing scripts and editing to create longform podcasts which tell compelling stories and provide the students with invaluable experience to help them become the next generation of successful podcasters.

Every dollar you donate to The Drag goes toward making amazing student podcasts. With your help, we can fund our student podcasters and acquire the resources needed to continue creating the content you want to listen to.

What Does It Take to Make A Podcast at The Drag?

Here’s what it took to make “The Orange Tree”…

  • 24 student volunteers
  • 32 hours driving for interviews
  • 40-person team
  • $100 one-year subscription to Adobe Audition per person
  • 120 hours of studio time

This doesn’t even account for the Goldfish crackers and cups of coffee that fueled us along the way. Creating a longform podcast takes a lot of hard work — and money, which is where you come in.

Haley Butler (right) and Tinu Thomas (left) work on hit true-crime podcast “The Orange Tree” at KUT’s studio.

Capstone students brainstorm their future podcast, “Young & Confused.”