The spring 2021 ‘Story Submarine’ podcasters are getting along swimmingly

It’s all hands on deck as the Story Submarine crew heads into a new semester! Meet the new podcasters joining the team this spring.

First up, we have Zoe Judilla, a senior from Round Rock, Texas, studying journalism and radio-television-film. Judilla is foremost passionate about merging social justice with media and the creative arts. With her experience in audio and video, she will primarily contribute to voice acting and editing and is excited to bring the podcast’s colorful stories to life. When she’s not studying or interning, you can find her writing detailed thinkpieces on Studio Ghibli films, crying to Mitski’s “Be the Cowboy” album or making a mean, mean omelette.

Next up, we have Guinevere Govea, commonly known as “Gwenny,” as illustrated in our zoom portrait. She, like Judilla, is a senior, and is studying journalism and theatre. Govea loves podcasts, music and children’s theatre, so naturally, she was ecstatic to join the Story Submarine team. She will mainly be working on voice acting and scriptwriting for the podcast. In her free time, Govea will often play the three guitar chords she knows, pet her two cats and sing karaoke in her empty apartment at the top of her lungs.

Finally, there is Andrew “Drew” Van Chau. He is also a senior in Journalism, with two minors in Philosophy of the mind and language and in English. Van Chau has spent a lot of time piecing together and editing audio as well as gathering background noise, so that will be his main focus for this upcoming semester. He loves reading, audio and teaching children, so this project was really inviting for him. In his free time, Van Chau mostly reads, fences and makes feeble attempts at learning music.

In their very first meeting of the semester, the brand-new bubbleheads were introduced to some of the expert submariners that you might recognize from last year, including Alyssa Crosby, Miles Crenwelge and Brandon Chan. This trio of old-timers met with the new recruits and were able to show them all of the ropes for creating this audio book podcast.

Judilla, Govea and Van Chau each shared their excitement for the audio book podcast, and the entire team also talked about new ideas for upcoming episodes, including creating story episodes in Spanish in addition to those in English. They are ready to dive into a variety of new worlds this semester, each as colorful as the next, and are already hard at work bringing you the next big narrative.

The first episode of Story Submarine, set to premiere soon, will feature a fun-filled reading of Kat Kronenburg’s bestselling book, “Dream Big,” and will include the vocal and sound editing talents of last year’s crew. 

The new trio is ecstatic to create more episodes for the Story Submarine podcast. Be sure to look out for the premiere of “Dream Big,” and even more as we swim through the semester and bring even more storybook adventures to life.

Katey is the managing director of The Drag Audio, the first full-scale podcast production house on a college campus.

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