Story Submarine

Hop aboard the story submarine! Each episode will take you on an immersive storytelling adventure!

Meet the fall 2020 ‘Story Submarine’ podcasters

Get ready to climb aboard the Story Submarine because this podcast is ready to get back into the swim of things!

Before we start the engine, let’s meet the brains and hands behind the scenes.

First on the crew, we have Sabrina LeBoeuf, a senior studying journalism and radio television-film. She is originally from Slidell, Louisiana, but is currently going strong as a 10-year resident of Texas. In her free time, LeBoeuf loves to dance and watch movies and can still be seen watching “Phineas and Ferb” on a regular basis. 

Next on deck is Alyssa Crosby, a senior from Mansfield, Texas studying journalism and government. When she’s not studying for class, she enjoys spending her time reading, playing video games and writing. But if you ever catch her outside, don’t let her near a ladybug. Crosby has a phobia of them!

Also on the craft is Miles Crenwelge, a senior from Fredericksburg, Texas! They are studying journalism with a minor in sociology, but aside from academics, Miles loves to watch movies and is a big TV and podcast fan. They also have a four-month-old Aussie named Sundance after the 1969 film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

Next from Chicago, Illinois, we have Brandon Chan who is a senior studying journalism and marine science. Outside of school, he likes to spend his time fishing, hiking and playing video games. On a side note, if you’ve ever wondered about how hedgehogs float in water, you’re in luck. Chan is an expert on the subject and has done multiple presentations on the buoyancy of hedgehogs.

Last but not least, we have Paul Iskra, a senior from Austin, Texas studying journalism and American studies. In his freetime, he enjoys baking, cooking, reading and occasionally breaking out into a dance between tasks. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall, but don’t be surprised. Iskra is actually the shortest member of his family … by a lot.

This fantastic quintet is excited to produce and release their first audio book this year. As they continue to craft immersive audio experiences through their podcast, they hope to not only contribute creative storytelling to The Drag, but to also provide children with a unique, interactive tool for their education.

So gear up and stay tuned for the premiere of Story Submarine. When you press that play button, get ready to dive deep into the magical experience of a story brought to life.