Hop aboard the ‘Story Submarine’

A new children’s podcast coming to a platform near you.

Books can take you to another place and time, filling your imagination with wonder. You can imagine yourself sunbathing on a beach in the Bahamas or exploring the rainforest in New Zealand or even seeing the exotic animals found in the savannas of East Africa. 

Children love to use their imagination to immerse themselves in a whole new world. With this in mind, The Drag created a podcast just for kids who have a deep imagination. Hop aboard the “Story Submarine”.

“Story Submarine,” is a podcast created in partnership with the Texas Book Festival; it’s an immersive children’s adventure where an author guides you through a story filling the background with sounds of the imaginary world. 

The idea behind “Story Submarine” was created by Haley Butler, The Drag’s senior director. Designed for parents to play in the car on the way to school or in between errands, the podcast gives kids the magic of storytelling on the go. 

The first episode features Kat Kronenburg’s bestselling and award-winning book, “Dream Big.” Taking place in the savannas of East Africa, her book is about animals who take a heroic journey to achieve their dreams. 

Although Kronenburg had planned to narrate this episode for “Story Submarine,” the pandemic put a wrench in these plans. In order to finish the first episode, University of Texas students read the story aloud and produced the episode. 

While this cannot take place now due to Coronavirus, the series also plans to give young readers a chance to do a Q&A session with the author. Children would be able to listen to other kids their age asking the author questions and getting answers.

For now though, “Story Submarine” is at a standstill. The series was set to launch Spring 2020, but due to the pandemic, it will air in 2021. Texas Book Festival will also be moving its program online this fall, starting on Oct. 31 and ending Nov. 6.

Students at The Drag were able to produce a rough demo for “Story Submarine.” Here’s a sneak peak.

For independent children’s authors interested in featuring their books in the series, contact us at [email protected].

Mikayla Mondragon is a rising junior Journalism major at UT Austin and is pursuing a double certificate in Creative Writing and Elements of Computing. In her free time, she loves doing colorguard with the Longhorn Band, reading and sewing.

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