Former intern Maya Fawaz joins ‘Crooked Power’

Cesar Perez and Maya Fawaz conduct an interview via Zoom
Cesar Perez and Maya Fawaz conduct an interview via Zoom.

Maya Fawaz couldn’t stay away from The Drag for long. Just weeks after completing her summer internship, she rejoined the team on Sept. 8  to help produce our upcoming podcast “Crooked Power.”

During her summer internship, Fawaz grew her love for podcasting. By the end of the internship, she was reconsidering her original career goal of joining the film industry.

“I wanted to embark on this podcast journey to help me with the audio side of filmmaking because that’s kind of what I wanted to do,” Fawaz said. “But somewhere halfway through the internship, I realized I really like this. I might just forget about documentary filmmaking.”

Fawaz will be the third co-host for “Crooked Power,” working with Cesar Perez and Anysa Hernandez to tell the story of press freedom in Ecuador. 

While Fawaz was still an intern, she worked on an episode of “Request Pending” as well as wrote for The Drag Mixdown newsletter. However, she gravitated toward “Crooked Power” the most out of all the podcasts at The Drag. She admired how the podcast would be told in both Spanish and English. 

“I feel like we’re pioneers in trying to tell a bilingual story,” Fawaz said. “I was excited just thinking of the prospect of this different, new podcast style.”

Since rejoining The Drag, Fawaz has worked with Perez and Hernandez to hash out the outline for the podcast episodes. She also helped tell the story of the podcast to the Capstone students, who will join the podcast team as part of the Media Innovations Capstone class this fall.

Fawaz, who is fluent in Spanish, will help write the Spanish script.

“Crooked Power,” is set to air in fall 2021, just after Fawaz’s expected graduation date in the spring. 

“I’m going out with a bang,” Fawaz said. 

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