Sabrina Leboeuf

Former intern Maya Fawaz joins ‘Crooked Power’

Maya Fawaz couldn’t stay away from The Drag for long. Just weeks after completing her summer internship, she rejoined the team on Sept. 8  to help produce our upcoming podcast “Crooked Power.” During her summer internship, Fawaz grew her love for podcasting. By the end of the internship, she was reconsidering her original career goal…

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‘Request Pending’ host reflects on end of season one

For the past three months, “Request Pending” host Sara Schleede cultivated a weekly podcast exploring the internet’s most unique communities. With the single click of a button on Friday afternoon, it all came to an end. The last episode of season one was finally published.  “I’m really excited for this episode,” Schleede said. “I think…

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