Love is in the air … and in your ears

The Rom Com Room 

This series gives great reviews of every rom-com movie you could imagine. The hosts, Kendra Okereke and Mercedes Gonzales-Bazan discuss all rom coms, from their favorites to their least favorites. This podcast is a great way to build your “to-watch” list! 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 

What’s The Steamy History of Valentine’s Day? With Dr. Sally Holloway dives into the surprising history of valentine’s day. Dr. Sally Holloway is a historian of gender, emotions, and material culture in 18th and 19th century Britain and is here to answer the most asked questions about the holiday of love!

Self- love fix

This wellness podcast aims to teach young people to love themselves. This series is meant to encourage listeners to have high self-esteem and grow. While this isn’t a pod all about romance and love stories, you can expand your love for yourself! 

Galentine’s Day: Celebrating Sisterhood on Platinum Perspective 

Hosts Sarah and Megan dive into the heartwarming realm of female friendships and the unique bonds that women share. The very heart of this episode is all about the amazing psychological benefits of female friendships, the debate of quality over quantity when it comes to friends, and so much more. This podcast will leave you feeling so grateful for any galentines you may have in your life! 

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