Introducing the directors of the Crooked Power podcast

Cesar Perez and Anysa Hernandez
Cesar Perez and Anysa Hernandez are the directors of Crooked Power.

Crooked Power’s co-director and co-host Cesar Perez is a second-year journalism major from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He is also the son of the owner of El Universo newspaper, and it is his very own family that was targeted by the Ecuadorian government by Correas anti-press rhetoric. 

For the production of the podcast, Cesar pulls many personal anecdotes to better tell the full Crooked Power story while also being the primary interviewer. Although this is Cesar’s story to tell, his goal is to also share the stories of others who were affected in different ways.

Anysa Hernandez is a 2nd year communications studies major from Dallas, Texas. As co-director and co-host of Crooked Power, her main task is to highlight bigger themes behind the storyline, like freedom of speech and political corruption. 

As someone who wasn’t directly affected by the events, Anysa’s main goal is to help Cesar objectively tell his story. 

Crooked Power is set to premiere in Fall 2021.

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