5 music podcasts you need to listen to

Every music junkie’s favorite debate is ranking an artists’ discography or bickering about knowing an artist before their friend did. Now, what if there was a way to hear other people’s debacles about all things music? 

The Drag has curated the top five music podcasts you need to be listening to. They might even make you sound wiser during your next debate. 

  1. Popcast

The New York Times throws all opinions on the table with Popcast, a podcast deep diving topics from artists and their careers, music news, remembering music legends, best albums of the year, and more. Hosted by Jon Caramanica and various special guests, it takes on pop music criticism with wit and intellect. If you’re looking for deeper context on pop music news, this podcast is for you.

  1. Questlove Supreme

History repeats itself, they say. Is that true for music? One way to find out is through superstar Questlove’s podcast that details music history that may not be well known. He also tells stories about music legends. A recent personal favorite episode features Austin rockstar Gary Clark Jr.. Questlove gives Clark his flowers, calling him a musical “axeman,” and they both share their favorite qualities of Austin. Hint: food trucks are the highlight. 

  1. Hip-Hop Saved My Life 

Two worlds that blend seamlessly together: hip-hop and comedy. Hosted by award-winning comedian Romesh Ranganathan with RuMaj as his co-host, this UK-based pod is an open dialogue about the influence of American hip-hop rap culture on the world. You will enjoy a laugh and be reminded about how impactful music can be. Special guests have included iconic rappers such as Bun B, one-half of UGK. 

  1. Music Business Podcast

Interested in learning more about the music business? The title speaks for itself. This podcast is my personal favorite when it comes to getting insight into the biz. Hosts Jordan Williams and Sam Hyself, both music industry professionals, invite other leading music biz people to talk about their jobs and how they worked their way to the top. It is both inspiring and intuitive to hear their journeys and learn about the multitude of roles within the industry. 

  1. Death by Music 

Murder mystery, anyone? Well, let’s add some music history to it. Death by Music explores the true crime stories about music artists, whether it is a sudden or mysterious death. It’s worth noting that there is a nice refresher once in a while, because there are episodes where the hosts converse about the iconic careers of legends who have passed on, such as Aretha Franklin. They also have mini episodes covering timely news about music. They self describe their target audience as a “morbidly curious music fan,” which says it all.

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