Texas Bread road trip

Hosted by
Zoe Tzanis

Everybody loves bread. Texans are no different.

Since humans first started cultivating wheat in the Fertile crescent 10,000 years ago, bread developed from an agricultural anomaly to a mainstay of the European diet to the sort of bread at your local grocery store. Today, bread is the unseen lifeblood of our communities, and our recipes transcend this evolution, preserving history in their every bite. Texas’s top breads — Pan Dulce, Pan De Campo, and the like — retain an intrinsic Texas story. In this episode, UT junior Zoe Tzanis buckles up and traverses the Texas landscape in search of the most iconic Texas breads. They explore the role of bread in the immigration, some of Texas’s oldest bakeries, and the recipe behind Texas’s official state bread.

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