Introducing: Season 3 of ‘Darkness’

Hosted by
Jackie Ibarra

In March 1989, University of Texas student Mark Kilroy had everything going for him. He was preparing to take the MCAT exams and apply to medical school. He’d just turned 21. He was ready to finally take some time off from school and celebrate with his friends at America’s biggest spring break party spot: South Padre Island, Texas. In far south Texas, it wasn’t uncommon for students to cross the border into Mexico to continue the party. But after a night of partying in Matamoros, Mark Kilroy never came home. His family searched for him for a month until they learned of Mark’s grisly end at the hands of a cult led by the handsome and charismatic Adolfo Constanzo, or “El Padrino.”

In season three of “Darkness” from The Drag Audio Production House, which brought you “The Orange Tree” and “Darkness: Austin Bomber,” hear the story of how Mark Kilroy’s family maintained their faith while searching for their son, and the tale of “Los Narcosatánicos,” the drug gang behind his death.

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