Introducing ‘Forsaken’

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Hosted by
Katey Outka

Katey is the managing director of The Drag Audio, the first full-scale podcast production house on a college campus.

Forsaken is a series that explores the systems that both enhance and oppress the lives of the more than 29 million people living in Texas. Each episode will address issues that Texans face each day — the good and the bad. We’ll explore the criminal justice system, Texas politics, civil rights, social issues and maybe even a little bit of history. Texas is the second-most diverse state in the nation and has equally diverse stories to tell. As the legendary late Texas singer Billy Joe Shaver sings: “You fathers and you mothers / Be good to one another / Please try to raise your children right / Don’t let the darkness take ‘em / Don’t make ‘em feel forsaken / Just lead ‘em safely to the light.”

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