Celebrating Black History Month with The Drag

Here at The Drag, we take finding our voice seriously. Whether it be a certain fluctuation of tone in a true crime podcast, or standing up for what we believe in on campus and beyond. February is meant for the celebration of Black voices all around the world, and the rich history that contributes to our daily lives.

Staff at The Drag came up with a few podcasts that we love hosted by Black individuals. We hope you listen and appreciate them as much as we do!

Pod Save The People with DeRay

DeRay Mckesson sits in conversation with Kaya Henderson and De’Ara Balenger on topics surrounding news, culture, politics and social justice. Each episode highlights aspects of daily news, or breaking news, that goes unnoticed by a majority of the population except for those who are directly impacted — most notably, people of color. With a special guest each week, every Tuesday gives McKesson the chance to dig deeper into important issues facing our nation.

It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders

Host Sam Sanders, much like McKesson, takes listeners on a journey of navigating the news of the week. I think this quote from NPR says it best: “The world is complicated and people are, too — and sometimes you just need to talk it out.”

Keep It

Ira Madison III, along with Louis Virtel and Aida Osman, are joined by people from all walks of life to discuss what happens when pop culture and politics collide … which has become increasingly more often. In these candid conversations, the hosts bring light to internet moments, movies, Taylor Swift and so much more.

Scam Goddess

One of my personal favorites! Host Laci Mosley brings the energy and the laughs as she details robberies, cons, fraud and yes — scams. It’s juicy, it’s fun and it’s like a conversation with a friend over FaceTime.


Hosts Madison Malone Kircher and Rachelle Hampton delve into the depths of the internet. If pop culture is your thing, this podcast is for you.

Louder Than A Riot

This podcast is one I turn to when I want to understand an event or situation better. Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden analyze the connection between Black musicians and the criminal justice system, whether it be Yo Gotti’s mission to better is state penitentiary or Nipsey Hussle’s fight with stereotypes. Although a new episode has not yet been released this year, the pod is worth a listen.

Still Processing

Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham are ‘still processing’ culture and the many, many innerworkings present in our daily lives. From entertainment to societal norms, the hosts discuss the relevant stories of the week.

The Nod

Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings get vulnerable and real about all facets of Black life in America. As AV Club said, “The Nod is an artfully idiosyncratic exploration of the kaleidoscopic spectrum of experiences that make up black life in America.” A perfect podcast to learn about Black history … a history that most textbooks get wrong.

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