Lady Bird

Lady Bird and LBJ’s first date at The Driskill Hotel

Lady Bird Johnson could never remember the date of her first date with the future president of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson. She guessed it was sometime at the very end of August or beginning September. So right around now would be the 88th anniversary of that first date.  Last Sunday, I visited The…

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I drove to the Lady Bird Wildflower Center on a Saturday afternoon, playing Dolly Parton’s “Wildflowers” in my car. A little on the nose, I know, but it’s also a song about growing up and leaving home.   In hindsight, maybe the day after a Texas ice  storm wasn’t the best time to go to a…

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Upcoming ‘Lady Bird’ podcast to tell former First Lady’s story

Fenced off by barbed wire on a sprawling plot of land at the end of a bumpy red dirt road sits a ranch-style house, off-white with dark red trim, about an hour’s drive from Austin, Texas. That’s my home. We built it when I was in second grade after my dad decided our red double-wide…

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