Crooked Power

Former intern Maya Fawaz joins ‘Crooked Power’

Maya Fawaz couldn’t stay away from The Drag for long. Just weeks after completing her summer internship, she rejoined the team on Sept. 8  to help produce our upcoming podcast “Crooked Power.” During her summer internship, Fawaz grew her love for podcasting. By the end of the internship, she was reconsidering her original career goal…

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Crooked Power team decides to co-host podcast together at first sight

Cesar Perez, junior journalism major, and Anysa Hernandez, junior communication studies major and journalism minor, never expected to find themselves in the audio world as sophomores, let alone together.

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Introducing the directors of the Crooked Power podcast

Crooked Power’s co-director and co-host Cesar Perez is a 2nd year journalism major from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He is also the son of the owner of El Universo newspaper, and it is his very own family that was targeted by the Ecuadorian government by Correas anti-press rhetoric.  For the production of the podcast, Cesar pulls many…

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