Making a difference through audio journalism

Less than a year ago, Adobe Audition, the audio editing software, stressed Kadija Baldé out.  “I just could not figure out Adobe,” said Baldé, a junior journalism, French, and international relations major at the University of Texas. “But once you get through the hard part of learning it … it’s actually really fun.” Now, Baldé…

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Intern Maya Fawaz finds community in journalism, The Drag

Maya Fawaz, a former international relations and global studies major, found a sense of community as a journalism major and now, as an audio intern for The Drag. Long before coming to the University of Texas, Fawaz had career aspirations in international documentary filmmaking. As an incoming freshman, this goal led her to declare IRG…

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From watching broadcast to recording podcasts

Intern Mikayla Mondragon took her family tradition and made it her career path Mikayla Mondragon would come home from long school days to sit with her family and watch the evening news. “My parents always had it on because they’re news freaks,” she said. The daily tradition introduced her to journalism, Mikayla’s future major at…

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