Through Their Texas Eyes

The University of Texas at Austin has over 30 legendary Pulitzer-Prize winners. Each of them report on stories that change the way we view the world. Now, we let them tell their stories.

A podcast presented by The Drag Audio Production House, produced by students at the University of Texas at Austin's School of Journalism, Moody College of Communication.

The ‘Oscar’ of Journalism

Through Their Texas Eyes is an engaging podcast about Pulitzer Prize winners and their experiences before, during, and after winning the distinguished award. The first episode features John Moore, who will discuss thought-provoking topics such as the ethical dilemmas and dangerous situations journalists may encounter during their careers.

We’re excited to release our podcast’s pilot episode in the coming months; but in the meantime, we thought we’d give you a more inclusive view of what to expect through a short audio trailer.

We look forward to releasing our first episode to tell the captivating and inspirational story of photojournalist John Moore.

Transcript for Audio

In the last blog post, we told you who we are. Now it’s time to tell you a little bit about our podcast.

I’m Miranda Larralde. And I’m Sofia Tyreman. And our podcast is called Through Their Texas Eyes.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Moody College of Communication has the second-best journalism school in the US. Our school is home to famous alumni and Pulitzer Prize winners who inspire us every day as we come to class.

As students who want to get to this level of professionalism, we often wonder: what does it take to win a Pulitzer Prize?

Through Their Texas Eyes is a podcast that will feature Pulitzer Prize winners from the University of Texas at Austin. Since 1917, the Pulitzer’s been deemed the most prestigious award a journalist can receive.

To win, a recipient must demonstrate unique and outstanding work in the field of journalism, literature, music, or drama.

So, basically, winning a Pulitzer is comparable to winning an Oscar in the world of Journalism, and we’re excited to take our listeners on a journey with us, as we explore the reporting experiences and learn what it takes to be awarded Journalism’s top prize.

Some UT alumni who have won include Caroline Cole for her Feature Photography coverage of the siege of Monrovia in Liberia and Karen Elliot House for her coverage of the Middle East.

However, In our first soon-to-be-published podcast episode… we’ll dive into UT alum and photojournalist John Moore, whose work with the Associated Press landed him the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for his breaking news coverage of the conflict in Iraq.

Moore has worked on a lot of photography in the Middle East, but recently, he has been focusing on the US-Mexico border, where he’s captured heartbreaking and captivating photos such as the viral photo of the little girl in the pink jacket, crying while her mom is searched by border patrol.

In the pilot episode of our podcast, John Moore will touch on different topics, such as the ethical dilemmas that journalists face and some of the dangers of capturing these compelling photographs.

We are excited to share the stories of these Pulitzer Prize winners with you all! Stay tuned for more information and be on the lookout for our podcast’s release date on

We’ll see you soon.