Request Pending

Hosted BySara Schleede

Where do we go to find comfort and a sense of community online? And what do these digital spaces say about our lives offline? Request Pending dives into some of the most popular — and some of the most niche — corners of the internet.

Minisode: Deep sea of deep space?

This week, the Request Pending crew explores a very big question: deep sea or deep space? Executive producer Haley Butler offers her stance and explains why her love for...

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Not your average yard sale site

How can you help the environment, make friends and furnish your house without spending any money? Join your local Buy Nothing Facebook group. The Buy Nothing Project is a...

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Why does everyone love true crime?

Look at the trending podcasts on any streaming app, and odds are there is at least one true crime series topping the charts. These tales of horrifying violence, conniving...

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How Money Diaries empower women

Common etiquette bans three topics at the dinner table: politics, religion, and money. But women on the internet are breaking one of those rules in a big way, with...

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5 ASMR videos we love

“Request Pending” host Sara Schleede shares her favorite videos to fall asleep to The second episode of “Request Pending” is all about ASMR — a slight euphoric sensation triggered...

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The comforts of ASMR

ASMR? Is that when people eat with their mouths open on YouTube? Sometimes, but not really. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is the euphoric sensation that arises from...

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