Request Pending

During this time of social isolation, The Drag explores all the ways people are finding community and comfort online.

Coming: Summer 2020

Into the woods with cottagecore

Young people’s latest fantasies aren’t about fame and fortune. They’re about the tranquility and simplicity of a small cottage in the woods with a lot of books to read, bread to bake and raised garden beds to tend. But they aren’t fulfilling this fantasy by moving out to the country — they’re going online. Request…

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“I swear, I’m very interested in what you’re saying”

The Drag works remotely during a global pandemic and adapts to new challenges From frequent Zoom calls to daily Slack messages, The Drag has been following social distancing recommendations as they plan, script and record podcasts during the spread of a novel coronavirus. As the director and host of “Request Pending,” Sara Schleede said she…

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Loading … Request Pending

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who has been spending a lot of time on the internet lately. Request Pending follows our host, Sara Schleede, as she explores the wackiest and most thought-provoking online communities. Stay tuned for the first episode coming this summer.

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Pandemic postpones podcast production

While ‘American Bloodline’ is put on hold, a new podcast about the internet emerges Even throughout all the chaos and uncertainty brought upon by the COVID-19 outbreak, The Drag is still reporting on and producing the many great podcasts we have in store for our listeners. However, there was one podcast whose production was halted…

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